Cicely’s Question: How do u truly save and invest when your income is the ONLY income?
AskCamari Response: Cicely, many people ask this question. Sadly many people are living check to check in America and are not sure how they will put food on the table tomorrow. 
However there are several ways to save and invest..
But before I jump into my answer, ask yourself a Question. What is your why? Why do you want to save? Why don’t you save? What is driving you and your decisions? Not just the super fiscal things, but the stuff beneath the surface.  Do you want to buy a car, a House, save for a vacation or simply have a a few coins for a rainy day?
Everybody’s relationship with money is different. Money’s not important or I love money are many of the out of balance statements that people say everyday. Money is merely a tool and just like anything else when you use it for evil, you create ugly things and when used for good its creates objects of beauty.
I love the beautiful things in life, so the list below will be a road map to help you get to your pot of gold.
The smallest changes can often make the biggest impacts. So lets start with Baby Steps..
“A part of all you make is yours to keep”,which simply means “Pay Yourself First”. This is a  famous quote from the great book “The Richest Man in Babylon”. 
So following the K.I.S.S method, we will keep it short and sweet, by following the theme of paying ourselves first.


Take the loose change out of your pockets everyday and insert them into a 5 gallon water, which is something I do to this very day. I even place $1,5,$10 & $20 bills in this jar on occasion. My Jug has saved my life to many times to count. You litterally can amass thousands of dollars in this jug.  Once you get into the habit of saving daily and faithfully, after about 30 days you can take your jar to the bank and open a passbook savings account.

PassBook Saving Account

Now that you have your passbook, don’t worry about the interest rate right now, because we are only focused on stashing cash right now. So every paycheck deposit $25 into your passbook account(If you get paid monthly deposit $50) and every 60 days deposit the contents of your water jug into your passbook account. Continue on this path until it is a habit and then your auto pilot sequence should take over.


If you have a job where they offer a 401(k) plan this is an absolute gold mine that shouldn’t be ignored. Many of these plans give you “FREE MONEY”, which they call “Matches” for being enrolled. A “Match” is how much your employer contributes to your account. Its simple and easy, once enrolled. Many employers do it based on your payroll, where every payday employees contributes a small amount of money into their 401(k) accounts and their employer matches the amount the employee saves. A common formula for many plans would be a match of 50% of an employees contributions, up to the first 6% of a person’s salary. For example, if you earn $50k annual and you save 6% of you salary into your 401(k) account, that is roughly $3,000 every year, your employer will match that $3000, so at year end you have $6,000.. Not Bad, Right! There are several other benefits to investing into your 401(k) plan, but I will go over those in later articles.

So here are your marching orders……

  1. Get a 5 Gallon Water jug(Empty it) and dump your spare change into it daily.
  2. Open a Passbook saving account and save at a minimum $25 per month.
  3. If you are not enrolled, enroll into your companies 401(k) plan
If you follow this simple plan you will be on your way to financial independence. If you don’t you only have you to blame..
I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments about savings…